Toda la cultura en una sola tarjeta

What is the Cuenca Cultural Pass?

It is a card which integrates all the cultural offerings of the city to access the spaces where you can discover and enjoy the best kept treasures in Cuenca. Paintings, Sculptures, History, Tradition, Abstract Art …

More than you can imagine for just 12 euros.

What are the advantages?

  • Accessing all the cultural spaces whilst saving money.

  • Children 12 and under enter free of charge.

  • Several months to use it.

  • Saving time during your visit.

 Where to get it

Cuenca Cultural Pass may be purchased at hotels, any tourist accomodation, Museums and the Cathedral.

Museum Of Abstract Art

Museo arte abstracto

Located in the Hanging Houses of Cuenca with permanent display of a collection of paintings and sculptures by Spanish artists of the Abstract Generation of the 50s and 60s.

Diocesan Museum

Museo Diocesano

It occupies the oldest rooms in the Episcopal Palace. Displaying pieces of great value and uniqueness from the Cathedral and other parishes in the Diocese of Cuenca.

Holy Basilica Cathedral

Catedral de Cuenca

First gothic cathedral in Castile built on an ancient mosque by order of king Alfonso VIII. Recent renovations and new stained glass windows enhance the temple and the visit.

Antonio Perez Foundation

Fundación Antonio Pérez

It is a large space with more than 30 rooms housing more  than 3,000 works of art, paintings, sculptures and prints by contemporary artists. All of this in the former Carmelite convent.

Zavala House

Casa Zabala

The Zavala house, houses the collection of the Antonio Saura Foundation consisting of the artist's work and temporary exhibitions of established and emerging contemporary artists.

Alfonso VIII Tunnels

Túneles Alfonso VIII

A series of galleries and underground tunnels which run through the old town, used in the past as warehouses, as a refuge during the Civil War and nowadays as a tourist attraction.

Holy Week Museum

Museo de la Semana Santa

Displays a collection of over 150 pieces of great value related to Easter in Cuenca and an interactive area which helps visitors get acqainted with Holy Week and understand it.

Map of visits which are included

plano visitas

Other Cultural Spaces

otros espacios visitables

In Cuenca there are other exhibitions in cultural spaces which are not included in the Cuenca Cultural Pass card to which you can access for free at certain times, such as the Science Museum of Castilla-La Mancha and the Provincial Museum of Cuenca.

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